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We are Erkraft and We are Developer

ErkraftID is a freelance developer domiciled in Sleman, Yogyakarta Special Region. ErkraftID provides solutions for Information technology problems to make work easier, make time efficient and effective and make work more structured. ErkraftID has experience in creating websites, online stores and information systems as well as graphic design for various purposes.

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Our service

Web Development

Build a website with html, PHP, CSS and Javascript


We make flyers, banners and posters for advertising

Graphic Design

We have good and professional design skills

Our Skills

Our Creative Skills & Experience

We have the ability and skills to develop website systems starting from the landing page to the main part of the website as well as CMS (content management system) to control and manage the website. We use a modern dashboard template that is user friendly and easy to use. We have experience in developing information systems for various fields of business and education. We provide professional website design and development services at affordable prices

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HTML 85%
CSS 75%
Javascript 70%
PHP 90%
MySQL 85%

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